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Hello & Welcome

I'm Rebecca it is so lovely to meet you here

Thank you for taking the time to discover and connect with me and my offerings to you.

I am here to support you on a journey back to your wholeness.

I specialise in Womb Connection Healing & Awakening 

I work with and support women through all stages of their life who are disconnected from their natural cycles, menstrual health and womb energy, fertility, creativity and Feminine Energy. 

My offerings support them back into connection with their bodies and alignment with their feminine energy, inner truth, wisdom

and power. 

My offerings are drawn from various schools of teaching including -

Well Woman Womb yoga

Embodied movement

Womb Connection Healing & Awakening

Shamanic 9 Rites & 13th Rite Womb Blessing

Shamanic Journeying

Through Movement, Meditation, Mantra, Sound and Stillness.

Womb Connection, Healing & Awakening has been created for you from my own personal journey of reclaiming my feminine power and self-love after experiencing trauma in my life which lead me to patterns of low self worth, living from fear and the feeling of less than, always feeling is wasn't enough which naturally fed into codependent relationships and abandonment issues. I was living in my Wounded Feminine energy completely disconnected from my natural divine feminine energy and Rejecting my own inner Masculine energy through fear of the power that is birthed through the Divine Re union of both within myself.


As I took a journey of healing my feminine energy in my Womb I discovered the essence of my

Feminine Power -

this is now the journey i guide so many women through  just like you

 -  to heal traumas and step into their own divine feminine power. This in turn creates catalytic positive transformations within the way women relate to themselves, their bodies, feminine energy and is reflected within their relationships.

Womb Connection Healing & Awakening offerings are a multi-faceted healing experience.


Women who feel stuck in their mind, disconnected from their bodies, lack clarity or are struggling with womb connection and struggling with feminine cycles are supported from these sessions.

Rebecca helped me to connect to my womb when doing so was a dark place for me. I had a traumatic experience giving birth to my son and my womb felt damaged emotionally. Going deep into the pain and trauma helped me accept it and move forwards. I continued womb practice after our private session and it healed so much within in. Rebecca’s intuitive and sensitive approach with buckets of empathy is what I liked most. Rebecca helps women truly become women again - this is our birth right to own our feminity, intuition, our power. Her work helps women rise ’

My work is deeply rooted in supporting women back into re-connection with their sacred womb space, to connect, heal and awaken the wisdom that lives within each woman's womb.

Together we work through practices to unearth the hidden inner truth, clear emotional, energetic, physical and sexual traumas, the maternal lineage & patriarchal imprints. This work supports women to release patterns of shame, lack, unworthiness, guilt, abandonment,rage and fear. It also supports the healing of birth trauma,and womb grief.

Benefits of Womb Connection 

Healing & Awakening 


- Womb healing from past trauma

- Clears fear

- Connection to feminine flow

- Balanced Womb Energy

- Clear decision making 

- Clear Boundaries






- Clearing old energy from past lovers 

- Supports menstrual Health 

- Clears entangled energies

- Clears co-dependency

- Attract Healthy relationship

- Increased libido

- Awakened sexual energy

- Zest for life

- Supports creativity & fertility

Connecting women with their power and inner wisdom is at the core of my offerings. I do so by offering a space for women to step fully into self inquiry and exploration. Through my offerings you will take a journey back into your body, to reconnect with her innate ability to heal herself when provided the space to hear the wisdom that rises from within.

I am in service to the awakening of women's inner womb wisdom, the unearthing of all that no longer serves the current time of this world and the re-clamation of feminine

power through the sacred portal of each woman's womb.

In Love & Devotion



" Rebecca I just wanted to share that this could not be more timely and aligned for me. Last Monday I started a new journal. It’s called “love notes to my Divine Feminine” And is ALL about connecting with my womb’s wisdom (of course!). It’s so obvious isn’t it- the healing of the world begins with healing our wombs. Every child and every creation born out of spaces that don’t know they are enough, that they are a miracle ,won’t be that in the world. So grateful for your work. Sat Nam. "

Hi Rebecca, i just wanted to share with you how powerful our sessions have been together so far, i have found it so powerful connecting to my womb, as i had been so worried after having such irregular and lack of periods.

After our last session - which i was 17 days late for my period, i got home and felt a release in my left hip i woke this morning and there it was!!!! My period!

Thank you so so much

I love our sessions together"

"I attended Rebecca’s Yoni Shakti -Womb alignment class. She created a beautiful, connective space and the class enabled me to experience a deep connection with my energies and womb. I’m looking forward to next of Rebecca’s classes I’m able to attend and would recommend to anyone"

" I went to one of Rebecca's womb connecting sessions on Monday. I'm still in awe of everything that went on during the session, what we were guided through, and my reactions to the process. The starting mudras were so powerful! Women, if you get chance to attend one of these sessions I so strongly advise to go and experience and live and breathe and chant and dance. So so so so so so strongly advise. X "