Womb Alchemy Day Retreats 

Womb Alchemy is a Spiral Path of Awakening 


Through the journey of descent Into the sacred feminine 


Down into the womb 


The spiral path isn’t about healing in a way that calls for releasing but rather a journey of welcoming 


Welcoming with love all that you are in each moment 


A Journey of integration of all the parts of the self that have been denied, abandoned, rejected or feared of being expressed through the journey of life.



When we continually try to clear and release parts that rise up within trigger response we are continually perpetuating the same experience of denial and disapproval of these parts that have disembodied or distorted to keep “safe”


As we walk the spiral we re meet ourselves over and over again with new vision and perspectives around each spiral we take 


This path asks us to integrate and welcome all parts of ourselves in Love 




Womb Alchemy 

Day Retreats Offer You 


- Meditation 

- Embodiment 

- Womb Awakening 

- Heart Womb Practices 

- Mantra 

- Movement 

- Alchemy Crystal Sounds

- Toning + Sacred Song 

- Integration Practices  


- Vegan Lunch + Tea + Treats 

— please share any dietary requirements via email to WOMBWISDOMCONNECTION@GMAIL.COM


Womb Alchemy Day Retreat Dates 



July 3rd 





August 14th





September 18th 




October 16th 


Limited to 10 women per circle 


Investment £78


Time - 11am - 5pm 



Location - 

Rebalance Pilates - Studio 17

Egerton Road South

Heaton Moor



United Kingdom



If event is unable to move forward due to any government restrictions refunds will be given upto 48 hours before event date.





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