Awakening Feminine Gateways 

Voice Heart Womb



The Silenced voice holds the Fear of speaking your truth and the fear of self expression - Which manifests as a lock in your throat chakra - inhibiting your voice, speech, soul song, voice of your womb and wisdom and how you express relationship to others and the world.



The Heart carries The Fear of Betrayal and ancient heart aches across many lifelines - which manifests as a lock/ block in your heart chakra. This inhibits your ability to love yourself deeply, to attract love into your life and to live with an open heart.



The Womb Carries The Shame Wound and fear of your creative power - which manifests as a distorted lock on your womb power and creative life force - shutting down your capacity to fully access your sovereign power, creativity and life force potential.

Awakening Feminine Gateways 

Voive Heart Womb


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