Women's Bodies Women's Choices

May 17, 2019




In Light of the Law being passed against abortion...


I feel called to share my own story...



How I serve the world from my own choices and these choices have supported 1000’s of women all around the earth



Your Body 

Your Choice 






Day 23 of my cycle 

Yet I knew I wasn’t going to bleed 

I know my body 

I know her rhythms and ways

Not this month 

I wasn’t getting my sacred blood 


I sit in the bathroom and take the test 

Within a second the lines appear

I am pregnant 


This was a shock 

And not a shock 


I knew i wasn’t going to bleed 

Which only meant I was pregnant 

My cycles are rhythmic

cyclical with nature 


Then panic 

Deep sadness 

My relationship wasn’t in a place of stability 


This life was created from love 

But growing in fear 



But I want to be a mother 

I am a mother 


I don’t want to do this alone 

I have done so many things alone 


Not this 

I can’t 

I won’t 


The love remains 

I am out of integrity 

This isn’t what I wanted 

To create and carry life in fear 



My heart is heavy 

The fear is unbearable 


The pain

The anxiety 


I feel this life within me begin to grow 


I sat with my Womb everyday 

For many many many days 

For many many weeks 





I am sorry 

I am sorry 

I am sorry 


You don’t deserve this beginning 

You deserve to be grown in love 


So we connected and I said....


If you don’t feel safe to be here 

It is ok for your to go 


I love you 


I had read about conscious conception and had worked with many clients on this journey 


So I sat with my womb and the life beginning to grow inside of her as I began to understand that I could ask to consciously un-conceive this life... if the spirit of the life was to also decide this was an option for it too


The pain began 

The physical pain 


What is happening....

It’s so so intense 


And then the blood 

The blood came 


The life was leaving me 

The spirit heard my tears and felt my pain 


For days and days I passed the life 

that was growing inside of me 


Deep trance voids I journeyed 

Waves of pain and ecstasy travelled 

through me 


Feeling the edge of both pain and bliss simultaneously 


The sensations through my 






Ripples of emotions I never knew existed 


I was in these moments giving birth to 



I was in these moments giving birth to 



A new day began 

The blood and life had left me 


I was alone again 

But not the same 

Never the same 


There is a burning fire in the place you 

once lived 


The awakening of Shakti 

The rise of the inner Warrior 

My voice has opened 


In your leaving 

I found myself 



Thank you