Shadow of Womb Power

April 28, 2019

Shadow of Womb Power


There is a shadow beyond the light of our journey into awakening our Womb Temple...

This shadow may arrive in many forms in the physical or in our dream time.

Just as we are at the door way of a deep initiation into a deeper spiral of our Womb Consciousness these shadows show up > 

to show us and teach us just where we are still not fully embodying ourselves in

our wholeness and full power.

These shadow aspects show up in alluring and attractive offerings into our life experiences through people, places, opportunities > financially, physically & sexually.

These shadow experiences show up to teach and show where we are still not fully healed In our wounding.

Through mysterious ways we are captured by these offerings that seem to show up as a cosmic dance, divine timing and with guided signs from above...

We are being guided into our shadows deep into the shadow of our womb space to clear and heal the deepest parts of ourselves... by awakening our deepest desires for life.

This mirroring shows up powerfully within relationship for women... a masculine energy of alluring nature arrives into an awakened women’s life to show her all the places she is still to heal and how to really stand in her full Womb Power.... if he is to take this initiation journey with her he will be taken deep into her womb, the cosmic womb, womb of Mother Earth and the womb of all existence to himself take the Holy Pilgrimage to Die and be reborn into pure wild innocence.

But first the woman must allow herself to set herself free from her limited experiences of her own power, to fully step into divine Union Within her own being... to remember this her power. To remember this is the holy grail. To be able to fully birth her creations from this unified place within her own womb....

In doing so she faces her shadows and heals her core wounds to fully embody the Mother energy of creation... this then transforms the masculine energy from shadow mirror into divine... as he remembers the true power of the feminine, the holy lands of her sacred body and womb temple and the journey he must take back through his journey from the star i which he was birthed from through his own mothers womb 

If surrender is not present and the seductive energy of the shadow is not faced and met by both mirrors within this experience both will be met by deep inner wounds, abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of true intimacy and self betrayal/ abandonment of self. 

Being lead by each-others shadows, taken into a spiral dance of temptation > even with an intuitive knowing that shadows may be present, each chooses to ignore this in the flame of desire to have their needs met outside themselves by the other, being lead by the wounds deep within - that are asking to be seen and healed within this experience 

Divine Union is birthed from the deep connected roots of our own personal power and full embodiment of our womb wisdom