Temazcal Tulum 10.01.19

January 20, 2019

As I set off on my way to the sent pick up destination to meet our guide, waves of energy fill my body.

Finding stillness taking some deep breaths, I know this feeling, it is the sensation I have felt so many times  about to happen.


As I meet our group just one other woman and our Shaman who will be holding our ceremony. We take a 20 minute car drive into the depths of the jungle


We arrived at the shamans house in the depths of the jungle, as we approach his home we are immersed with trees driving along bumpy dirt tracks there is an air of silence all we can hear is nature




He parked his car and we get out to a small hut house surrounded by trees and bamboo walls.

As get out of the car I look up towards the sky to see a sky full of stars and the Crescent waxing moon.

The sky is the clearest sky I have ever seen,  a dark velvety backdrop with a constellation of luminous flecks of light twinkling upon us.


As we enter the Shamans home we remove our shoes and walk a small path towards an open fire, there is no artificial lighting we are surrounded 100% by nature.

A small hut has been built and as we come to stand in front of the hut where we will be taking our Temazcal ceremony we are met by our Mayan fire keeper.


He is one of the few native Mayan people left,

Our shaman tells us, he greets us with a bow of the head and a warm welcome and smile


With a gentle gesture of his arm we are welcomed to the altar where we sit.

Shaman opens directions calling in the ancient spirits of the north east south west,

 the feminine spirit and energy of water, the masculine spirit and energy of fire, the great great mother Earth to hold us through our ceremony this evening and our father sky.


He begins to chant  OMATEO and asks us to join in repeatedly chanting



he gives us to hold in our left-hand items from the altar soil planets resting and small pieces of fruit.


As we stand in front of the fire chanting singing holding the sacred parts of nature in our hands Shaman offers us a space to set an intention for our journey 


OMATEO OMATEO OMATEO he is repeatedly chanting louder and louder behind us as we take these moments to set our intentions



My intention came very quickly to me


My intention is to bring a deeper state of balance to my inner masculine and feminine energies


I release my offerings to the fire....


he calls me to stand in front of the Temazcal door performing ritual is smudging me with Copal,l singing mantra is calling in spirits he guides me to kneel on the sacred Earth in reference to humble to our mother.

Placing my forehead on the Earth giving thanks for the Earth holding us throughout this journey


I crawl into the sweat lodge

Into total darkness


We sit chance and pray we sit chance and pray

We called in a Mexican offering a welcoming for the fire keeper to begin to bring in the grandmother rocks they have been hitting on the flames of the open fire


As the door opens we welcome the Rocks


Welcome grandmother welcome grandmother welcome grandmother



Three of the rocks are placed in the centre pit of the lodge, as they rest on the Earth they sizzle and crackle illuminating bright colours of orange red yellow like mini universes all in themselves.


He offers us to listen to the Grandmothers, to their wisdom, to listen to what she is telling us what is her guidance here for us right now....


And then we sit and pray 

We chant to the Earth 

we chant in Spanish 

We chant in English 

and then we welcome the sacred water


“ oh sacred water purify my soul

 oh sacred fire burn away my fears” 


As the sacred water pours upon the rocks they sizzle and steam the purification is starting to begin


Sweat is pouring releasing from every poor as we begin to chance again and again over and over


We welcome my grandmother rocks and more sacred water as 

we chant

we sweat 

we release


This process is repeated four times

 On the fourth offering we are asked to lay flat on the Earth as we are rubbed from head to toe with Mayan clay.

after we have been covered with the traditional Mayan clay we are guided to sit back up to not touch to not rub - to just receive


You are now in the womb of the mother


He states so clearly we are guided to the hearts to the womb of our Mother Earth


As we place our hands as close to the gram of the rocks as possible to warm your hands up

Until they are so hot that we cannot take the heat anymore and then we bring our hands to place them on our eyes may the healing from the grandmothers purify my sight.

We repeat this healing ceremony with our throats, heart,stomach, sex organs, roots and finally the crown of the head


By this point I am having a very big pitch liquid is pouring out from my left nostril and my left eye the whole base of my brain is throbbing as my body begins to shake ripples of Kundalini Life force rise through my body up through my spine and into the whole of my head

Circulating around my third eye I can feel of a gentle throb, pulsating energy in my third eye centre





This purification continues as we welcome the final back this is the biggest rock of them all

The grandfather rock 

He is placed in the centre of the pit he crackles and sound so much different to the grandmothers he is deeper more solid a different colour and holds a different energy


One last round of sacred water offered to the grandmothers and grandfathers


We are splashed with the sacred water to purify to heal

It feels like waves and waves of water are being splashed upon us the offices to invite the rain to cleanse and purify


As we rest in stillness listening to the sounds of the grandmothers and grandfathers the ceremon