New Moon Intentions

December 7, 2018

The New moon is time of Manifestation 


As we are now under the energy of the last New Moon of 2018

We are being offered a time of reflection, to go inwards and to really be with all this past year has brought to us


What lessons did we learn?

What ways have we grown?

What do we have to be truly thankful for?









Here is a New Moon Ritual 



SELF-LOVE Bath Ritual ~ Coming Home To Your Self


Cleanse Space


Use sage, incense (rose, cinnamon) or palo santo to cleanse the energy of your bathroom or bathing area. 


Shower first to clear away the days energy using your usual soap and water to cleanse your skin. 


Step out and fill your tub with bath water.


As the tub fills and you are wrapped in your robe or towel, focus on things you want to invite into your life that will help you to feel at home and with inner peace, and other intentions that you want to focus on for this Coming Home Self Love ritual.


It helps to journal these visions and intentions down as it gives them power to blossom and grow.


When the bath is filled with water, add coconut milk and a blend of echinacea, rose petals, chamomile.

If you can’t find all of these herbs or flowers than use your own favourite flower blend that represents what you want to attract into your life.


Soak yourself in the tub luxuriating with feelings of gratitude for this moment and what is to come.




Guided Lunar Womb Meditation




Love & Blessings

Rebecca xx