Full Moon Ritual

November 23, 2018




The full moon sheds literal and figurative light on the habits, blockages and subconscious patterns that are not serving us.

The energetic action of a full moon is release, ,representing the outgoing aspect and marking turning points. These aspects make a full moon an ideal time to reflect, take stock, evaluate yourself and notice if there is anything you would like to let go of.





Ritual creates a pause in the busy-ness of our life. An intentional moment. An occasion to reflect and reassess. Ceremony and Ritual also lift the veil between the everyday and the sacred, allowing us to feel more connected and grounded and ultimately in touch with our true self and the world around us.




1- Set an intention.... close your eyes, take three deep breaths and mentally set an intention to clear your energy.


2-Light your smudge stick, use your hand or a feather to fan the smoke around your body, start at your heart space and cover from top to toe. Visualise yourself being cleared of negative energy, surround yourself with healing & loving energy.


3- Clear the space...walk around the room you are in fanning the smudge stick into each corner. Dispose of any ashes as they are said to contain negative energies.


Cleanse your crystals


1- Rinse your crystals with running water or even better spring water, and let them dry.


2- Reset and Recharge... Arrange your crystals on a plate or tray and leave under the moon light, alternatively you can leave them on a window ledge if out door space isn’t available. Leave the crystals to bathe in the moonlight over night. In the morning you can choose to infuse each crystal with an intention.


Meditation & Journaling


Have a pen and paper or note book, settle and listen to a guided full moon meditation, or take your own meditation practice... sit for as long as you feel called to do so

once you come to end your meditation journal all thoughts and feelings that may have become present for you...

choosing to write all negative thoughts on a separate piece of paper and if you wish burn this piece of paper to release all negative energy.


Most importantly take time to relax, nurture and unwind... take a bath, eat well, speak kind words to yourself, take a yoga class, surround yourself with love.





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