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November 7, 2018


Womb Connection Weekend Retreat

March 15th - 18th 2019

Join us as we meet for this weekend of Connection...

Womb Connection Retreat offers a weekend of yoga, practices & nutrition created specifically for Women's Wellness. This weekends offerings are deeply rooted in the knowledge of the cyclic nature of feminine energy and internal rhythms. As we arrive aT a transition within our external seasons and begin to move into Spring, this weekends offerings are brought to you with awareness of the shifts our bodies, minds and spirit will move through as the days become lighter and we shed away the winter.

Womb Connection Retreat offers a space for women who feel disconnected from their bodies, lives and cycles to come back into re-connection. 

We will be working with the elements of nature to support and heal through all the practices provided for you over this long weekend. Understanding that just like nature we don't bloom all year round, and as the seasons change around us we slowly too are ready to come back into Bloom. 



March 15th - 18th 2019 Spring Equinox 

Spring Equinox marks the start of spring, a time for new beginnings, birth and fresh starts. As the days become longer and lighter we are brought into Illumination. A sense of renewal comes with this time of year, to reflect this energy we will gather to cultivate more light within our womb spaces to come into a deeper connection to the wisdom within as the seasons unfold around us. This Long Weekend retreat offers you a space to re-birth yourself into the light, to bring light into your womb space through Womb Connection Practices.

During this weekend we will join to Re-Connect to your body wisdom and inner cycles. 



Our Offerings provide a blend of comprehensive practices for you... the Modern day Woman.
We believe you deserve the knowledge to take steps on your journey to heal yourself, we give these to you as a fully embodied experience, rooted deeply in the understanding and Knowing that what lands in the body stays with you and shifts at a cellular level, to bring you into a deep, rich and bountiful connection to your own inner wisdom
Connecting to THE TEACHER WITHIN..... WE Are Here To guide You Back Home To Yourself



Womb Yoga

Healing yoga created to support seasons and cycles of a woman's life, balancing hormones and cultivating energy.

Pelvic Presence Practices

Physical and guides practices to cultivate a deeper presence within your pelvic bowl

Embodied Movement

Intuituive movement guided from within, connecting body and breath, sensuality and sexuality creating space for new creation

Journey into Shakti

Practices to awaken Shakti life force allowing her to rise up into your heart centre.

Breath Work & Pranayama

Breath rich practices to support cultivation and circulation of life force energy, restore balance in mind, body and hormones.

Womb Meditation

Guided Meditation practices bringing deeper awareness the womb space and pelvic bowl.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra ;yogic sleep' a practice created to bring you into a deep restful sate of altered consciousness where the body rests and the mind is guides on a journey around the star web of the body.

Mantra and Song

Calling on the Divine Mother in reverance to her beauty and strength, we will share bhakti yoga sessions with mantra to honour our earth. 


Tea Ceremony

We use the magical alchemy of herbs to bring us into ceremonial practices to invoke
Lucid Dreaming
Womb Healing
Womb Activation

Womb Connection

We work with the intention and healing of pure crystal light in an activation of clearing and healing. To powerfully cleanse any stagnant energies that hold you in a lower vibration to be able to fully reclaim the rights of your body

Creating sacred space within your womb
Sensual and deeply creative your womb is a sacred portal for creation
You will be taken on a journey back into your sacred space to create an alter of inner beauty, manifestation and creation.

- Feminine Energy Alignment
- Sacred Space.. Inner Temple
- Connecting Heart Womb & Earth


Your Facilitator

Rebecca Wilson facilitates Womb Yoga, Womb Connection- Healing- Awakening, Embodied Free and is a Womens Wellness coach. She supports women through all stages of their menstrual health and the years beyond menstruation.
Specialising in Yoga For Women, a practice designed to support women throughout their life cycles.
Rebecca’s offerings are drawn from various lineages of teachings ~ womb awakening, womb Connection, energy healing & the shamanic womb medicine wheel.
Her offerings are also deeply rooted from schools of teachings such as traditional chinese medicine, Bio-Medicine, Nutrition for hormones, Qi Gong, 5 Element theory, Embodied Yoga, Embodied and Somatic Movement.

Rebecca believes in fully embodying her work by using these practices to live a balanced life deeply rooted in self care.
Rebecca Holds events, workshops and retreats across Europe.

Her passion is to lovingly hold a space for participants to express themselves fully and creatively. By allowing them to feel comfortable and safe when dipping their toes in vulnerability, Rebecca encourages self expression through various styles of yoga, movement, tantra and breath work providing a space for each individual to explore and awaken deep energies throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual body. One of her most important values is the essence of healing.

Rebecca encourages each individual to take their own journey through her offerings, creating a space to tune into your own intuition and inner guidance. 


Benefits of Well Woman Womb Yoga

- Connection to Feminine Flow
- Nourishing Yin Energy
- Deep Restorative Relaxation
- Mindful Practice
- Supportive of Menstrual Cycle Phases
- Tones Pelvic Floor
- Supports Pelvic Organ Health
- Supports Menstrual Cycle Awareness
- Supports & Prevents Minor Prolapse
- Supports & Promotes Healthy Fertility
- Deep understanding of Female Anatomy
- Balances Hormones
Benefits of Womb Connection

- Womb healing from past trauma
- Connection to feminine flow
- Balanced Womb Energy
- Clear decision making
- Clear Boundaries,
energetically, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually
- Clearing old energy from past lovers
- Supports menstrual Health
- Attract Healthy relationship
- Increased libido
- Awakened sexual energy
- Zest for life
- Supports creativity & fertility 




A completely Immersive &
Nourishing Weekend Programme

- Workshops & Workbooks
-- Menstrual Support & Nutrition for Hormone Health
- Womb Connection Sessions
- Healing Circles
- Womb Yoga
- Yoga Nidra
- Pranayama to Support Hormones & Cycles
- Embodied Movement
- Meditation
- Mantra & Music Circles
- Sound Healing Journey
- Self Care Practices
- Yin Nourishing Practices