Womb Manifestation

November 4, 2018

Feminine Creatrix


As a woman you are naturally a fertile creator being, whether that is creating new life in the form of children, or relationships, projects, home, etc.

Everything you create is a sacred act and should be ideally aligned to the sacred woman you are.


Your Womb is a Sacred portal of Creation


Your Womb space is a portal for all kinds of creativity that you wish to birth into the world. The creation and birthing of children is the most obvious way, but there are many other things that you can create & birth from Your Sacred Womb Portal.


You can begin to see that the dark, fertile landscape of your womb space is that of similar nature to the soil of the earth, when seeds of creation are planed into this fertile space and nurtured with the right energy visible manifestations and creations emerge.


Your menstrual cycles show us the creative cycle of receiving, transforming, creating and giving just as does a woman's womb if she chooses to create babies.

We receive the divine spark of the man’s sperm into the darkness of the Womb to create a new life. We receive food and oxygen which passes into the womb. We transform all of this to create a growing being and eventually release this being as a gift into the world.


Feminine Manifestation is Deeply Rooted in Receiving


One of the qualities we need to cultivate in order to manifest in a feminine way is to receive. 

Being able to receive enables you to healthily embody the creative cycle of receiving, transforming, creating and giving. If you cannot allow yourself receive, then an important part of your creative cycle is blocked and your attempts to create and give will lead you to depletion. 


The overall openness of our Womb space has an enormous impact on our openness at the level of our minds, emotions and beliefs. 



Sacred Womb Manifestation Ritual


Energy Cleanse


Do a special energy clearing/cleansing ritual, this supports making room for new beginnings and new things to come into your life.

Every ritual should start with an overall cleansing. However, it is very important when you are manifesting new beginnings.

This is a good ritual to do even if you are not clear on what you are wanting to manifest at the moment. There can be times that you are not necessarily wanting to manifest anything except what is within the best interest of yourself and others around you. By doing an overall cleansing with the intention of welcoming in something new, you are leaving it open for the universe to send to you what is important at the time.


What you need

  • Sage stick, palo santo or incense

  • Fireproof burning bowl

  • Feather

  • Music playlist that makes you want to dance


  • Light a candle, breathe deeply and connect to your womb space.

  • Light your sage or incense from the flame of the candle. If you are using a sage stick, make sure to keep your lighter with you as you cleanse. The sage may go out often throughout your ritual. Hold your fireproof vessel under the sage or incense to catch any hot ashes.

  • Use the feather to swirl the smoke around. Do this throughout your whole house, paying special attention to your doors and windows. 

  • Cleanse with the intention of receiving all that you are manifesting,

  • Connect deeply to your womb space and breathe into her fullness.

  • You can either visualise your intention or you can vocalise your intention to the universe with an affirmation laced with gratitude. "I welcome a new love into my life. I am open to and appreciative of all of the help and guidance that I receive.

  • If you are leaving it open to the universe, then have the intention of being open to whatever it sends you. Trusting that it will be for your higher good. Once you are finished with the house, wave the smoke from the sage stick or incense around yourself with the intention of cleansing and opening yourself up to new beginnings and inspirations.

  • Come back to your body, connect to your womb, breathe into her fullness.

  • Dance your dreams into your body.

  • Move your manifestation into each cell.

  • Relax your body.

  • Release and dissolve any blocks within your body.

  • Relax back into stillness - meditation or shavassna



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