Being Seen

October 18, 2018

What does it really mean To Be SEEN?


After spending a full seven days with an incredible 25 humans as they took a deep dive into our retreat process, I can put my hand on my heart and say WOW these humans really went there and allowed themselves to be seen.


 "To see the truth we must gently peel each layer of the masks we wear, and return to our original selves. We must shed decades of accumulated knowledge and experiences that no longer serve us and return to our naked intuition. To experience this we commit to looking at everything as fresh and new. We have the ability to choose to look at life through the eyes of a small child, full of wonder and opportunity, and continually realise that every moment is a space to grow, to learn, to discover and to TRANSFORM... this is how you make the most out of every single experience that is brought into your life”


When we are fully able to let down the walls that keep us disconnected we are able to feel and experience true intimacy with another, within this dissolving of our own masks we are also giving the silent permission to others that they too can let go of the walls around them to also be fully seen and held in their wholeness.


 These masks we wear to keep us safe, small, invisible..... they are an illusion.. and they don't keep us hidden. Humans all have a deep intuitive nature, we have deep feeling sensations, we know when we are meeting another in their truth or a layer of safety they have wrapped around them, we know when another is bringing us a false version of themselves we can sense and feel it.

If we are in a place of mask wearing we may feel safe around others who too wear their own masks....but if we seek depth, intimacy and realness we will be able to see through the walls another places around them, this can then become uncomfortable for us to experience as we seek the truth, the raw real version of another.


During our immersion this week we dove deep... we places all the participants in a safe space of truth, vulnerability.... why? to gently peel back the layers.....the outcome? a profound shift, a community with a deep connection built upon solid foundations of raw, real expression of their inner worlds.

to not be in a place of trying to 'fix' one another but to just hold them in their wholeness... this shows and tells them that they are perfect just the way they are. They can be met, held and loved exactly as they are in each moment, by sharing their whole self with all their vulnerability that they are silently giving permission to others to do the same too...

This personally for me is the most profound gift we can give one another - the permission to be free, to express ourselves JUST AS WE ARE....

This permission - it starts within.... by showing up in our own wholeness we allow and guide others to do the same.



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