Feminine Energy Flow

October 12, 2018

Apana Vayu ~ 



The downward spiral of energy of the feminine aspect and menstrual flow. During menstruation time of a woman’s cycle it is vital to support the Apana downward spiralling energy. This provides the body with a continuum of energy in rhythm with the menstrual flow.

Choosing to take practices that support this downward flow encourage the menstrual blood to be in a continuous state of releasing from the womb space, working with this energy also supports the uterine contracti


ons and in many cases the length of time menstrual bleeding happens.  I know of practitioners who can release them menstrual blood in intervals flows using this practice.

So often in yoga classes this isn’t something I hear being offered as a variation to take for women during menstruation. Practices that activate prana the upward moving spiral can aggravate the downward flow of energy and can pause a woman’s period midway through and also create disharmony within the natural rhythm of a woman’s body during this phase of her cycle. Working with the natural flow of energy at each point in the cycle is the most supportive, nourishing, honouring and intuitive yoga practice a woman can experience.



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