Seasonal Shifts

October 7, 2018

Hello Autumn 


Are you feeling the seasons shift too?


Its pretty easy to look around and see that we are slowly transitioning into the season of autumn, as the leaves change colours and begin to fall from the trees we are reminded that just like nature we are too going through our own internal shifts. 

The summer fire energy associated with the stomach and the spleen, the fire filled energy centres of our body slowly shift energies towards our lungs and large intestine. This in itself shows us that autumn is a time of breathing deeply, clearing and letting go.. as our body knows best - that deep body wisdom we all have!! As our physical vessels begin to process through the organs of elimination... we are invited to sit with the questions..

What do we need to eliminate from our lives?

What is still there that doesn't serve?

What are we holding onto? 
What haven't we quite digested form those fiery summer months?


What support do we need during this transition and clearing time?










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