Honouring the Seasons Within

October 7, 2018

Honouring the inner seasons.... this has become an integral part of my practice in life, to become so deeply in tune with nature and her cyclical ways, to learn from her ability to change form, to alter, to adapt and to let go. Her willingness to surrender, to fully embrace all aspects of herself, to not fear the changes life brings and to continually evolve.


A woman who is deeply connected to nature, is deeply connected to herself. She honours both the internal and external seasons of life, respecting how nature guides us into time of transition with beauty and depth. She is ever evolving, growing, shedding and moving, she is a form of formlessness, as she ebs and flows through the cycles of life. She doesn't grasp or hold on to anything that doesn't serve her.

She is Rooted in Her power

She Flows like a river

She loves with the Fire of Passion

She Floats like the Air that carries her from season to season.



For many years now i have always travelled during the months of  January and February, to find that winter sunshine. By now i usually have all my plans and locations set and start to build up the excitement to travel and explore... however this year I  been feeling the urge. I had an idea to  to Costa Rica, every time I have looked I felt blocked. I couldn't find flights, transfers... It felt like a BIG HUGE nudge from the universe. No Rebecca not now!

Sitting with this it has become clear to me, becoming so deeply in tune with my internal cycles and rhythms, becoming connected to each phases of my internal menstrual cycle, loving and honouring each season has brought me to a place of connection and appreciation for the external seasons. To truly honour mother nature and fully embrace her seasons and her fullness...

The more I come home to myself the more I feel at home in the embrace of the mothers seasons and a sense of willingness to allow them to unfold around me, to take in the  medicine each season brings and to welcome the change with open arms.


As we descent into winter I am shown that we are in the time of the Great Dark Mother - Kali Ma

A time for digging deep into transformation

A time of fully letting go 

Into surrender

Into trust

A time of submerging ourseleves into the winter aspects of ourselves

To be Re-Born New


To take the Journey Home


In the galaxies a Star in Born from a Dark Space of Matter


Loving You 

Rebecca xx


Jai Ma

Kali Ma





























Seasons Changing Meditation