Womb Massage

September 26, 2018

Womb Massage

Self womb massage is a self care practice to support your womb through all stages of menstrual cycle, fertility, menstrual health and beyond into menopausal years.

It is recommended for use in all women especially if you have any menstrual health issues, menstrual problems or you suffer from stress.

Here are some few other issues a womb self massage can help resolve.



Irregular Ovulation

Blocked fallopian tube

Twisted Fallopian tube

Uterine fibroids

Unexplained Infertility

Hormonal Imbalance

Lack of Menstrual cycle

Painful Menstruation

Poor egg health

Infertility due to stress


Ovarian cysts

Poor circulation










Womb Massage Contraindications


Womb massage should NOT be done in the following instances

While Pregnant: Especially during the first trimester, womb massage on the uterus may affect the fetus and may cause abortion. Therefore do not do a womb massage when pregnant or when you think you may be.

While Menstruating: Since womb massage tends to affect blood flow, engaging in it during menstruation may increase flow, cause discomfort or even pain Do not do a womb massage while menstruating

It always recommended to consult your doctor if you have any health concerns that may need to be checked before taking a self womb massage.



How to Locate your Reproductive Organs


One of the major reason why self womb massage is recommended is because it helps to familiarize women with their wombs & reproductive organs.

For an effective self womb massage, it is important that you know where your womb is, which are all located in the pelvic region.




Locating the Landmarks (Pubic bone and Navel)

The pubic bone, as well as the navel, will be often used as landmarks or indicators of where other reproductive organs may be located.

While you can see where your navel is, you will have to locate the pubic bone.

The pubic bone is located just above the pubic hairline.

Another method for locating the pubic bone is to unite your thumbs and index fingers in a triangle - Yoni Mudra and place the thumbs on your navel, allowing the fingers to point in a downward pointing triangle.

The point where the index fingers meet is approximately where the pubic bone starts.

You will be able to feel it, as it will be harder to the touch than the rest of the area.


Locating the Uterus, Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes.

The uterus is between 3 to 4 inches in length and often pear-shaped. However every woman’s anatomy may vary based on different factors such as lifestyle, genetics, etc. The approximate location of the uterus is between the pubic bone and the navel. It lies vertically directly above the bladder, that is about an inch above the pubic bone and like 4 inches below the navel.


The Ovary is located approximately 3 inches to the left and right side of the uterus. That is, 4 inches below the navel, then 3 inches to the right is the right ovary and 3 inches to the left is the left ovary.

The ovaries are linked to the uterus by the fallopian tubes.




How to prepare for your womb massage


- bring all your oils, towels, cushions etc into the space you will be carrying out your womb massage, light some incense, create a loving environment.

- take a comfortable seated position and practice heart womb river moving mediation

-- here is the video link


- after your connection meditation find yourself in a comfortable lying position supporting your head and back with cushions, maybe placing a cushion under your knees to support your lower back, placing blankets or towels over your body, just leaving your belly clear for the massage


- warm your hands up to cultivate some love energy - your heart chakra starts at the centre of your palms, so taking a few moments to not only warm your hands but awaken your heart/love energy.


- you may like to start with a meditation.



Bring a deepened awareness to your body, hands and womb space cultivate an energy and relationship between them before getting hands on. With a deepened awareness your womb space will become more sensitive to touch, you may begin to feel a heat or tingling sensation begin to build during the preparation practice


- love your body and your belly - womb space, if you have any negative emotions towards your body it may be necessary to clear these first with loving awareness before starting to touch and massage your belly, it is important to come into physical practice with the highest level of love and care.


- feel the earth energy rise up though all points of contact of your body and the ground beneath you, staying connected and grounded, using your breath as an anchor point, continually coming back to long deep breathing.


- once your body feels ready to receive her womb massage begin by placing the palms of your hands over your belly taking a few moments/ breathes to connect with your womb space..

You may like to bring the heart womb river practice here to deepen awareness



Taking as much time as you need to carry out your womb connection massage, when you feel complete with movement, rest back comfortably, covering your body to keep warm with your palms on your womb in yoni mudra and meditate to come to the end of your practice.