Womb Connection

September 18, 2018

Womb Connection, Healing & Awakening isn't something that is so often spoken about in our modern western society. Yet it is where we are all  created, carried and birthed from.... Our Womb spaces are an incredibly powerful part of a woman's body. So my feeling is why not open up this conversion around our womb health and supportive practices, with current times as they are now feels just the right time. 


When we think of cleansing our physical body, whether that be a juice cleanse, alkaline foods, water, or even healing sessions of acupuncture, reiki etc... It feels right, to book yourself in for a healing or take that time to juice or even attend a retreat for mind, body & spirit. 

But when we think of detoxing and cleansing we rarely think of our womb, especially on a deeper energetic level. But why? How have we lost this ancient tradition? Maybe this is due to the lack of connection to this scared space to begin with?

We can take practices like yoni steaming to support a physical cleanse, but what about emotionally and energetically?


The Womb holds residual emotions and energies from past experiences, trauma, abuse, lack of self love and any experiences that have brought disassociation to your feminine centre. 

You need to have a clear womb for mental, physical & emotional balance, clarity and to be able to step fully into your true essence and power.

Types of wounding 

• Accumulated emotions that could not be processed or transformed when the initial wounding took place. These emotions include rage, fear, grief, abandonment, guilt, shame, and worthlessness.

• Birth trauma & womb grief from miscarriages, still births and abortions

• Emotional and energetic imprints from past sexual partners, including their aggression, anger or other low vibration emotions

Your Womb is your sacred source space.

She is the very embodiment of your feminine essence and power.

It is from a deep connection to this space that you fully embody the sacred light that lives within you, a deep sense of knowing, and clarity that comes from true presence with yourself and within each moment you experience life. 

A woman who is deeply  connected to her own temple within doesn't seek from the outside, as she knows herself, her truth and the wisdom that rises from within her own being. 


Women who feel stuck in their mind, disconnected from their bodies, lack clarity or are struggling with womb connection and struggling with feminine cycles are drawn to these sessions.






Benefits of Womb Connection 

Healing & Awakening 

- Womb healing from past trauma

- Clears fear

- Connection to feminine flow

- Balanced Womb Energy

- Clear decision making 

- Clear Boundaries






- Clearing old energy from past lovers 

- Supports menstrual Health 

- Clears entangled energies

- Clears co-dependency

- Attract Healthy relationship

- Increased libido

- Awakened sexual energy

- Zest for life

- Supports creativity & fertility



I have a whole blog post available for you to read on Yoni Steaming... I also can not express enough just how important it is to cleanse this potent space, with womb connection, healing & awakening practices, intention and Love.


This will begin a beautiful journey of remembering all the wisdom that lives within you, unlocking your divine feminine power and awaken your wild authentic truth.


You Are Loved


Rebecca xx