Wild Women

October 31, 2018

Where has the Wild Woman been hiding?


It is a rare experience to witness a woman fully connected to her wildness, unapologetic for her fullness, raw and full of power... when you do witness this You WILL know!

She is all womban, connected fully to the ancient wisdom in the her belly, with a fire filled roar.




Yet all too often we meet women who struggle with their identity in life - mother, sister, daughter, wife, nurturer, giver, lover, friend. With so many expectations who is she to be? what is her truth?

A woman experiences many huge shifts in her life as she transitions from little girl to menstruating young teen at the time of her Menarche - first bleed, to young woman full of sexual desires impulses and energy, to partner and expectant mother, to mother, then on to peri-menopausal woman who is slowly leaving her menstrual years behind, to crone the wise woman who's inner moon cycle has ceased as she connects to the great womb of the earth and her wisdom within.


Through out this timeline of changes it is very natural and extremely common for women to struggle with their roles and identity within all areas of her life, to constantly 'keep up' with being something to everyone, and this need to strive towards a masculine dominant energy the patriarchy has placed upon us. A feeling of disconnect, emptiness, lack of inner fire leaves many wondering who the hell am I now....


Depression, anxiety, disconnect from their cycles and cyclic nature and lack of self are common emotions & experiences I see within women who I work with. Separated from their authentic selves, unsure what brings them joy, stumbled when i ask what do you like to do for fun. Harbouring anger, resentment, hurt and pain, all of which is stored within their belly, womb space and hips. A far way away from the Inner Wild Woman of their truth.


As I  personally dive deeper into my own journey of re connection and continue to learn and explore through practices of womb connection, healing and awakening, and also the contact i have with so many women who i now worth with providing these offerings It has never been clearer that Unlearning the new way to Remember the old ways is the most vital and most powerful tool we have. 

We do this by embracing all our emotions All of them, sitting in circles re learning how to open up and share, connecting with nature and our inner medicine woman, living in connection to the cycles of the moon, connecting to our menstrual cycles and clearing any shame around the fact that we bleed every month. Honouring our needs, our desires and the full spectrum of our sexuality. To unlock the wisdom within, to unlock the deep knowing and intuition we all have, to begin to trust the inner calls and feelings that rise from the depth of our womb space. Fully respecting each woman that gathering in circle, that we have the gift to share time with, honouring the work they are doing to clear and release all that is not serving, all that is not love - to be free from the chains that hold them down, to be clear from passing these imprints on to future generations.




When a woman steps fully

into her Womb Wisdom she trusts her intuition, body wisdom & life cycles

She flows with life

She is committed to her growth and the unpeeling away of any layers that keep her back from all that she is.

She lives in deep connection to the cycles of nature

She loves from the Depth of her heart space

She Creates from Her Sacred Womb Space

She shows up



She is not only doing so for herself but for the collective feminine as a whole

For The Women who went Before Her

For The Women to come After Her

Are you READY to JOIN US?




Kali Ma