Autumn Equinox

September 12, 2018



This Magical weekend we celebrate balance. The light is perfectly balanced between day and night, each one exactly equal.

In Northern Hemisphere we’re turning toward the dark time, the fall period of regeneration, of going within and nourishing  our creative souls. From this day forward our nights will grow longer, with the difference growing larger each day until Solstice. We are all affected by this shift as the sun makes its slow turn around our planet.

We are all intimately connected with the movements of the Earth. 



When you tune into your body and her seasonal changes you give yourself a profound gift. You acknowledge your connectivity to all living beings, and to the Earth herself.

This can open up doorways for your own growth, progress and transformation as, assisted by the natural cycles of this planet we share, you purposefully harness that energy for your own life shifts.


Autumn Equinox is an powerful time to clarify your intention and direction for your unfolding journey.. Where do you want to be come spring? This is a time to re-envision and re-energize your goals To plant new seeds. 

The energy of this season invites long term planning and hibernation. The seeds of inspiration planted now will be sure to birth come spring.

Use this energy of the Equinox to connect with your inner wisdom. 

This is a season of roots. Roots take their time to grow, sweeten and develop their nourishment. They spend months deep in the earth, hibernating and slowing growing.

During fall we become like those roots, it’s good to make time for sleep, rest and renewal. If you allow this time for replenishment you’ll be more primed to tune the wisdom – that is ready to rise and flourish.

Take time in Nature… She Offers Us So much beauty & reflection….

Celebrate the turning colors, The falling of the leaves, the beauty of a naked tree, the wildlife that begins to nest.


Space clearing 


Now is the time to throw out or give away unwanted things that are no longer useful or hold old outworn energy, emotions & memories. Releasing these objects will assist energetically in your desires to let go of those thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.

As we tend to spend much more time in our homes hibernating during the winter months, clearing your home space will free up your vitality and energy to focus on what matters most to you.

Make a ritual out of cleaning your space to allow fresh, new energy to flow through.

Take time to smudge each room with sage after you have cleared, released and set a new flow of energy. I personally like to sing mantras whilst doing this clearing my centre of communication and bringing sacred song into my home space..


Find Balance

Take a closer look at the balance in your life. How do you balance your personal needs with your commitments to the outside world? How do you receive and how do you give?

Are they in balance? Or does one side need some adjusting?

Stand quietly with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees flexed, and your eyes closed. Is your body still and rooted, or does it need to sway or adjust in order to be fully balanced? Give yourself a moment to come into balance.

Raise your arms and hold them open, stretched out to the sides, for a few moments. Feel how difficult it is. Now begin a gentle movement, bringing your hands in toward your chest, then out again to the sides, a rhythmic motion of opening and closing like the beating of a bird’s wings.

Feel what a relief it is to have the balance of both motions, both open and closed.










Goals and Gratitude Ritual

Prepare for and celebrate the Autumn Equinox by aligning your life goals with the energy of the season.


This ritual (adapted from will help clarify where you would like to be headed during the next twelve months. It allows you to join with the energetic impulse of the Fall Equinox to generate momentum in your life.



First off, prepare by getting out a piece of paper answering the following four questions:


1. What new things have happened in the last year that you are happy with and want to keep in your life? This can include people or other changes.

2. What is currently present in your life that you are fairly happy with, but you wish would work better or flow more abundantly?

3. What have you been working on that has not yet manifested (shown up) for you?

4. What is not in your life that you would like to be, but that you have not yet begun to actively work on?


Take as much time as you need to consider these questions, even a few days if necessary. You will still harness the Equinox energy even if you do the actual ritual a few hours or days after it has passed.

Next, on a fresh piece of paper, go through your list from question #2 and list them in order of priority and importance in your life. Do the same for questions 3 and 4 if you wrote down more than one answer.


Now set the stage for your ritual. You will be speaking aloud so if possible find a private space where you won’t be disturbed.


Light a candle.  


Take a few deep, cleansing breaths, and then get out your list.

Give thanks for everything you listed in your answer to the first question by saying aloud: “I am grateful for ______________”


Looking at your prioritised list from the second questions, say:

 “I lovingly ask that __________ (read your list aloud) flow more abundantly into my life.”

Next say:  “I ask that ______________ (state your response from #3) enter my life.”


Take your answer to question #4 and say:

 “I ask for guidance and courage to bring ____________  into my life experience.”


Once you finish you may find that you want to keep talking or write in your journal. Allow yourself time to fully explore your thoughts and feelings and incorporate any wisdom that arises.