Ritual Bath - Venus Retrograde

September 6, 2018

Guided Insight & Self Care Medicine 

Venus - The Goddess of Love turns Retrograde


It feels this energy shift is asking us to turn to our self care & self love practices, especially as she turns retrograde - backward moving energy. It feels important to share don't let your self care slip away in the whirling times of change, just as the leaves whirl from the trees as the seasons start to turn.. 

As beautiful as this seasonal shift may be, it is a time of reflection, time to journey inwards and in turn let go of what may no longer serve us through these transitional times.





















Bathing in water that has been steeped with all the wonder and magic nature brings is a beautiful way to show some deep self care and love to your body, mind and soul. This medicine ritual provides deep healing for the body, as she is able to fully relax, rest and absorb all the healing properties of the ingredients. 

Herbal baths are extremely therapeutic as when we bathe in hot water our pores on our skin open and receive all the healing nourishment from the ingredients we bathe with..






There are two ways to make a ritual bath


1- Place all the herbs, oils, salts and other ingredients directly into the bath of water, allow them to steep for a while before adding some cooler water to allow you to bathe at a comfortable temperature.


2- Alternatively, place all your ingredients into a muslin cloth/ bag, tie up the top with string. Place the herbal bag mixture into the bath, leave it to steep for a while then add the cooler water when you are ready to bathe.

-- This is a lovely way to make pre packed bath rituals for yourself and also to give as gifts.




Taking Care of You

Takes Care of Others


I Share a Beautiful Self Care Ritual Bath Recipe

as this weeks self care medicine -


This Bath is designed to help you connect into your heart & softness, to cultivate deeper self love and a deeper connection to your Primary Relationship - YOU.




^ Epsom Salts


^ Palo Santo


^ Dried Rose Petals & Buds

^ Lavender Blossoms


^ Crystals

Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Jade, Amazonite


^ Essential Oils

Sandalwood - grounding

Lavender  - Calming

Rose - Heart Nourishing


Take your ritual Medicine bath in candle light, this helps to calm the mind and soothe the body.





Run bath with hot water, add a little cold when needed so you don't burn yourself as you get in.


Burn Palo Santo around your body, imagine deep cleansing from this practice.

Circulate the smoke around your heart centre.

Step into the bath, sent an intention or hearts prayer.

Dunk head under the water first, then rest in the bath, place crystals on your body, placing rose quartz on your heart centre. Close your eyes, walk yourself through a meditation of your hearts desires, or listen to music that awakens your heart centre.



Rest here x





You Are Loved