Welcome Home

September 5, 2018

Hello and Welcome


Welcome Home to Yourself....


Have you been hearing the call to return home to your sacred self?

This feels like a sentence that pretty much sums up the energies over the past few weeks! Have you been feeling them too?

It has felt for me like a cosmic nudge in the direction of crystal clear alignment and stepping fully into the path of truth.. which has come with the letting go of how life used to look in order to create space for what is about to come - already arriving.


I have had this rather large push to work in connection with the womb consciousness, facilitating womb connection, healing and awakening work.

The response has been very powerful and it has lead me to lean into a few insights I felt called to share with you....


When you say yes to your truth it meets you at 100%

What do I mean by that?

Ever tried to push or force something? friends, relationships, projects, work and it has just never flowed/worked out? Yep i have been there too!

So recently I decided to only say yes to the things that my body said yes to, well my womb - she is the creatrix and my inner compass - as is yours ( also your womb space if your physical womb isn't present anymore)

We all know that feeling when your body curls up with a big NO and also the opposite when she opens with a big YES!

Shes telling you something, she is guiding you! 


When we push against something that is a clear NO we will constantly be met with blocks, dead ends, frustration and challenges... but when we work with the flow of energy life meets us there at 100% and supports us into that flow state we all dream of living in, our body relaxes as does life around us and we are existing in an open state of receptivity. Life is just happening for us..

With this comes a practice... being able to let go of the things that are a NO no matter how much we want them to be a YES...

When living in a state of flow there can be no holding on, gripping, puling, clinging... just a constant circulation of energy carrying you forward. As we grow we constantly shed layers, this is the process of peeling away all the untruths to come back to the centre of our own truth. When you fully say yes to life life will fully say yes to you!




My work is now deeply rooted in supporting women back into re-connection with their sacred womb space, to connect, heal and awaken the wisdom that lives within each woman's womb.

Together we work through practices to unearth the hidden inner truth, clear emotional, energetic, physical and sexual traumas, the maternal lineage & patriarchal imprints. This work supports women to release patterns of shame, lack, unworthiness, guilt, abandonment,rage and fear. It also supports the healing of birth trauma,and womb grief.

Benefits of Womb Connection 

Healing & Awakening 


- Womb healing from past trauma

- Clears fear

- Connection to feminine flow

- Balanced Womb Energy

- Clear decision making 

- Clear Boundaries






- Clearing old energy from past lovers 

- Supports menstrual Health 

- Clears entangled energies

- Clears co-dependency

- Attract Healthy relationship

- Increased libido

- Awakened sexual energy

- Zest for life

- Supports creativity & fertility

Connecting women with their power and inner wisdom is at the core of my offerings. I do so by offering a space for women to step fully into self inquiry and exploration. Through my offerings you will take a journey back into your body, to reconnect with her innate ability to heal herself when provided the space to hear the wisdom that rises from within.

I am in service to the awakening of women's inner womb wisdom, the unearthing of all that no longer serves the current time of this world and the re-clamation of feminine

power through the sacred portal of each woman's womb.

In your Wholeness 

Just as You are

You are Loved

Jai Ma