Shamanic Journey into

The Womb Online Group Course

This is a group online healing course of 3 sessions.


Session One - 27th November 2019

We will begin our first session with a guided Shamanic Journey into your womb space

Session Two - 4th December 2019

Our second journey we will be exploring the Womb medicine wheel and the elements within.

Session Three - 11th December 2019

Our third journey will connect you to the womb of Mother Earth and the Great Cosmic womb of the sky creator

All calls are held Via Zoom

- link sent upon booking
- all calls recorded for you to journey with after course

Shamanic Journey into The Womb Healing Course Offers you a Safe and sacred space that we are able to explore any energetic & emotional imprints that may be manifesting in the Womb Space 


Calling in the energy of the Womb Elements to support our Journey

The space created offers you a safe container drop into your body & out of your mind 


To fully inhabit yourself in a truly embodied way, So you can learn to listen to the sweet tender Inner Wisdom Rising up from within your womb space. 


This offers you the space to reconnect, 

reinhabit & reclaim your womb & body 


These offerings provide deep healing for women who have experienced 


- menstrual issues 

- irregular or lack of bleed 

- labour trauma 

- post partumn 

- healing c section scars 

- clearing womb energy 

- releasing ancestral wounds 

- clearing past partners energy imprints 

- invaded womb spaces 

- over giving & leaky womb energy 

- lack of boundaries 

- cleansing pre-conception 

- re awakening disassociation & numbness 

Shamanic Journey into The Womb Online Course Investment 


Shamanic Journey into The Womb Online Course Offers you

Each healing journey offers you 


  • Opening Sacred Space 

  • Guided Shamanic Journey 

  • Intuitive coaching 

  • Shamanic Healing 

  • Space for reflection 

  • Journal Questions to Percolate in your womb space to deepen your healing journey 

  • Grounding & Closing space