Return To The Mother
Online Immersion
22nd September - 13th October 2021

Allow yourself to be bathed in the beauty, wonder and love of

The Great Mothers Womb

The time has arrived for us to drop deep into the womb of the mother 

To soften deep inside of ourselves 

To meet ourselves in those dark cave like places with love 


Your womb has been waiting for you to remember 


The great mother has been waiting for you 


To return to her love 


To do this we must allow all the feelings stored within our womb spaces to be felt and witnessed.


An allowing for ourselves to be held 


Once again in the loving embrace of our great mother 


An allowing for all once held within this space to rise up and out and given back to the womb of the earth to be dissolved into love  



To surrender and descend down into the vast healing energy of our wombs and in turn we return to Our Great Mothers Womb


Her Holy Womb of Love




Return To The Mother Online Immersion offers you an inner journey into Re- Connection to The Great Mothers Womb  Returning To The Mothers Womb 


When we take a journey of returning 


Into the great mothers Womb 


We meet a space of remembering 


We are everything 


Everything is us 


We remember all separation is an illusion 


And return to oneness with all of life 


We need not worry or fear abandonment 


As there is nothing to leave us


We are all 


We need not push away or deny love 


As there is nothing to push away 


We remember we are love 


All wounds fear and anxieties 


All disconnection and aloneness



Dissolve into her wombs embrace 


We return to wholeness 


As a child of the universe 

A child of the earth 


We remember all parts of us are sacred 


The veil of separation dissolves into loving womb of our great mother 


Here we remember her love is eternal 


We remember ourselves as one 

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The earth is our mother. 

She is our provider of nourishment, she loves us, she takes care of us, she is a living breathing being. 


When we are connected to her rhythms we can commune with her elements, plants, nature, spirit and soul. 


When we are disconnected from her we feel lost, isolated, afraid, ungrounded, unsafe in the work and in our bodies.

We become disconnected from our own bodies rhythms and our natural health.

RETURN TO THE MOTHER Online Immersion is for ALL WOMEN to join in circle with the intention to deepen this profound connection with the Great Mother, with our Wombs, with our Divine Feminine, with our own Inner Mother, with the Mother you wish to be. 

All women are welcome 

Bleeding & Non Bleeding 

Pregnant & Non Pregnant 

Mothers & Daughters

We all have Mothers 

We were all created, gestated and birthed from our mothers wombs

This journey offers a sacred space for us to join in circle as we Return to Our Earth Mother through loving, compassionate feminine earth based practices created for you to cultivate a deep relationship with the roots within yourself. 

Return To The Mother

 Online Immersion

Journey One - 22nd September

Heart Womb Ceremony

- Practices to open Heart + Womb

Journey Two - 29th September

Healing Inner Maiden

As a Rite of Passage Ceremony 

- Womb World Journey

Journey Three - 6th October

Divine Mothers Love Ceremony

Alchemy Sound + Sacred Song

- Mothers Love Healing 

Journey Four - 13th October

Return To The Mothers Womb Ceremony

- Earth Womb Connection 


Calls 7-9pm UK Time Zone

Each call will be a ceremony offering Meditation


Guided Journeys

Alchemy Sound Healing

Light Language Transmission

Sacred Song + Toning Transmissions 

All calls are held online via zoom

Calls are recorded and sent to the group for further exploration and journeying 

Additional at home healing content with meditations, journeys, written transmissions and practices to connect to your heart, womb.

We will gather in a sacred circle in facebook group to offer a space to share, connect and unfold through the journey together over the 4 weeks

Journey Investment £200