Return To Love Online Immersion

4th - 25th February 2021

Return To Love


A journey of intimacy into the self

Meeting the depths of your own heart

To meet the beloved within

Return To Love Online Immersion offers you a sacred journey into your heart. 

A journey of awakening to love is a journey of allowing grief

Grief is The Gateway to Love

As the heart opens to Love she opens to feel all

A dissolving of all the frozen parts of the heart 

Following The Heart 


A courageous journey 


Away from the mind


Down into the body 


Where all asks to be felt 


The heart already knows 


All the mind tries to seek 


Yet it waits patiently 


For the mind to release 


For you to land back down 

Into this vast space 


Where feelings live and love grows 


Come home to your heart

Each day 


Find the beauty 

Within the emotional landscape within yourself 


Give yourself to the waves 


The courageous heart 

Unbound by the mind 


A path unknown to the external world 


A path known so deeply by the inner call of the hearts wisdom 

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Living & Loving 


With the Heart Open 

 The Raw Beauty of

 Feeling  the Deep Grief 

The Awakening of 

The Pure Joy 

That Lives Within 

 The Heart 

 Standing Naked 


 In the Face of Vulnerability 

 In truth of All that is Asking to be Felt

Return To Love Online Immersion

Journey One - 4th February

Heart Womb Awakening Ceremony

Journey Two - 11th February

Honouring + Clearing Grief Ceremony 

Journey Three - 18th February

Heart Activating Ceremony with

Alchemy Sound + Sacred Song

Journey Four - 25th February

Return To Love Ceremony 

Calls 7-9pm UK Time Zone

Each call will be a ceremony offering Meditation


Guided Journeys

Alchemy Sound Healing

Light Language Transmission

Sacred Song + Toning Transmissions 

All calls are held online via zoom

Calls are recorded and sent to the group for further exploration and journeying 

Additional at home healing content with meditations, journeys, written transmissions and practices to connect to your heart, womb.

We will gather in a sacred circle in facebook group to offer a space to share, connect and unfold through the journey together over the 4 weeks

Journey Investment £122