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Heart Womb Awakening Course

Heart Womb Awakening Course

Welcome Sister to your Journey of Connection, Healing and Awakening to your sacred heart and womb space.

This course offers you

- Meditations

- Awareness Practices

- Video Movement & Connection Practices

This course has been created as a Gift from My Heart & Womb to Yours.... for you to Journey into your Heart & Womb Space to cultivate a deeper connection to your body, energy and Mother Earth.

Receive Your 

Heart Womb Awakening

Course and Begin Your Journey of coming Home to Your Wholeness

Benefits of Womb Connection 

Healing & Awakening 

- Womb healing from past trauma

- Clears fear

- Connection to feminine flow

- Balanced Womb Energy

- Clear decision making 

- Clear Boundaries






- Clearing old energy from past lovers 

- Supports menstrual Health 

- Clears entangled energies

- Clears co-dependency

- Attract Healthy relationship

- Increased libido

- Awakened sexual energy

- Zest for life

- Supports creativity & fertility