Sisters Shares

‘Rebecca helped me to connect to my womb when doing so was a dark place for me. I had a traumatic experience giving birth to my son and my womb felt damaged emotionally. Going deep into the pain and trauma helped me accept it and move forwards. I continued womb practice after our private session and it healed so much within in. Rebecca’s intuitive and sensitive approach with buckets of empathy is what I liked most. Rebecca helps women truly become women again - this is our birth right to own our feminity, intuition, our power. Her work helps women rise ’




Rebecca I just wanted to share that this could not be more timely and aligned for me. Last Monday I started a new journal. It’s called “love notes to my Divine Feminine” And is ALL about connecting with my womb’s wisdom (of course!). It’s so obvious isn’t it- the healing of the world begins with healing our wombs. Every child and every creation born out of spaces that don’t know they are enough, that they are a miracle ,won’t be that in the world. So grateful for your work. Sat Nam. 

Hi Rebecca

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your retreat day yesterday. I hadn't realised how much I needed the whole experience until I actually arrived at The Wonder Inn and you welcomed us all with such warmness. The space you provided was so welcoming and relaxing I instantly felt calmer and more centred.

The flow of the day and the whole experience has left me feeling uplifted and ready to take on the week ahead.

Thank you for providing such a sanctuary.

Cant wait for the next one!!


I attended Rebecca’s Yoni Shakti -Womb alignment class. She created a beautiful, connective space and the class enabled me to experience a deep connection with my energies and womb. I’m looking forward to next of Rebecca’s classes I’m able to attend and would recommend to anyone

I attended one of the inner city full moon retreats and I'm  so so glad I did. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. 

Rebecca  ran the  whole day wonderfully with love, light and peace.  From the warm welcome, to the exercises she chose, the timing of them, the way she incorporated different smells and sounds which absolutely enhanced the whole experience.  All of these elements together created a safe space to relax and explore.  The whole day was food for the soul and speaking of food, the lunch provided was absolutely delicious! I would highly recommend this retreat. Thank you very much Rebecca  xx


Such a kind, loving and peaceful energy during your workshop today Rebecca. You really excel in reading the energy of the room and understanding just what I needed.

With love


"YOGA takes you into the present moment-

the only place where life exists"