Feminine Alchemy
Individual Journey

An 8 Week Journey into Awakening Feminine Energy
+ The Alchemist Within

Feminine Alchemy is a practice of welcoming all parts of the self that have been disowned, denied, rejected or abandoned through life experience.


We journey through the energy of the body as the earthly portal of transformation to reclaim and integrate all parts of yourself 


To awaken into a deeper fuller more embodied version of who you really are 




You are the entire universe manifesting itself 


There is no part or piece or aspect of you unavailable to you


We welcome all parts home to integrate into a fuller expression of you 


Through this process you become more available for life, love, connection, intimacy, relationship, growth, abundance, work, mission, purpose and creation 

Feminine Alchemy is an intimate exploration into the practice of expression of full-bodied feminine energy

Rebecca has been truly an amazing support and guide to me through my healing. The journey i've been through over the past 2 months has been incredible. So much healing of my masculine and feminine, so much growth, so much insight, and i feel it's just the beginning of a remarkable journey for me. 


She knows exactly how to hold a safe space, to go deep, to be vulnerable and to heal. Thank you so much for your love, guidance and support. I look forward to working with you again sister 


The mentoring Journey was an initiation, a rite of passage, for me and my life is now changed forever because I could meet myself and the darkest places within me with love. Thank you for leading me there safely, and for always being caring and loving with me during the whole process. 


You always took on your time to talk with me, encouraging me, loving me even when I was not for myself. You're a true friend, and I feel deeply grateful for everything you teach me by simply LOVE <3 


So thank you. <3 

re dancing.jpg

Awakening Textures of The Embodied Feminine 


Her expression is full in felt experience 


Sweet like honey 


Wild like fire 


Tender like spring 


Fierce like the mother 


Soft like a child 


Open as the universe 


She is the universe in full expression 


Her gift is her open channel of Light 


Her power is allowing that which is most alive with the pulse of her being to move through her as an expression of love 


Her expression is a gift to the world 


She moves that which is called forth by something greater than her and simultaneously a part of her and she it 


She is a Multi faceted expressions of the divine nature of life 


Her feminine energy a force of all textures, temperatures, sensations 


Alive with the pulse of life 


She dances through existence 


Unafraid of her darkness 


Weaving through the contractions and closures an opening into my love light 


Embodied expression is how she moves the world 


Ripples of her flow like tides of the ocean 


She is alive 





With Life 


Her expression a gift of opening to everything and all she touches 

Feminine Alchemy Individual Journey Offers 



Feminine Embodiment Practices: Movement, breathwork, embodiment, vocal expression + sounding, somatic practices intended to awaken your heart, womb and body, practices to release habitual patterns stored in the body, practices to unlock the potential of your creative expression, and connect you with your feminine energy, heart, womb and embodied wisdom.


Intuitive Embodied Coaching: intuitive coaching + guidance to support you in welcoming in all aspects of yourself, with a focus on: embodiment, womb awakening, heart awakening, alchemy practices, integration processes, reclaiming sexuality and sensuality, creative awakening, conception and feminine leadership.



Guided Meditations + Shamanic Journeys : Deepening your experience to feel all that is alive within you in the moment, supporting a relaxation your body-mind, and allows your inner landscape to soften and be held in tender love to feel a depth of safety to express in fullness




Through working together you will explore and awaken how to…


  • Live in deep communion with your natural essence + feminine wisdom, love, creativity, sensuality and grounded embodiment

  • Awaken to stored, blocked, trapped energy and emotions within the body  

  • Integrate old wounds, beliefs, habits and patterns that are no longer serving the depths of your heart and womb 

  • Integrate timelines to bring back lost, fragmented, disassociated parts of yourself 

  • Liberate your womb as a space of all Creation

  • Awaken your heart to love 

  • Embody the magnetic essence of your true essence and nature LOVE 

  • Remember your gifts from the shadows and darkness and awaken them into the light through practices of integration + alchemy 

  • Awaken your wombs wisdom as a radiant portal of creations to birth your offerings, gifts and creations into the world

  • Transform unhealthy patterns hidden within the unconscious to conscious 

  • Explore and expand embodied expression 

  • Creative play, art as an expression of your feminine nature and gifts 

  • Expand your capacity to transmit more love, pleasure, and energy through your body, so you can show up as the most fully-expressed version of yourself in all moments 

  • Be held in deep love and presence as you explore your inner world 

  • Unravel your body mind 

  • Receive healing transmissions that awaken dormant energy within 

  • Uncover ancient wisdom that has lived within you since the beginning of time 

  • Restore balance and harmony within your body, heart and womb - embodying your feminine energy, essence and way of being 


Session One 

Awakening Body 

  • Embodiment Practice

  • Shamanic Journey 

  • Meditation 

  • Q + A - Share 

  • Self Practice Guide 


Session Two 

Habitual to Non Habitual expression 

  • Exploring habits within the body + mind

  • Releasing habitual patterns and movements 

  • Embodied Practice 

  • Enquiry 

  • Q + A - Share 

  • Self Practice 


Session Three 

Heart Alchemy 

  • Awakening Heart Meditation 

  • Exploring the closures of your heart 

  • Awakening to love 

  • Embodied Expression

  • Q + A -  Share 

  • Self Practice 


Session Four 

Womb Alchemy 

  • Awakening Womb Meditation 

  • Exploring the patterns within your womb energy 

  • Awakening to Creation 

  • Embodied Expression 

  • Q + A - Share 

  • Self Practice 


Session Five 

Feminine Alchemy 

  • Meditation 

  • Embodied Movement exploring the textures and expressions of feminine energy 

  • Exploring contractions, closures, stories and habits wrapped around the full expression of your feminine energy 

  • Embodied Expression 

  • Integration Processes

  • Q + A - Share 

  • Self Practice 


Session Six 

Feminine Alchemy 

  • Meditation 

  • Embodied Movement exploring the textures and expressions of feminine energy 

  • Exploring contractions, closures, stories and habits wrapped around the full expression of your feminine energy 

  • Embodied Expression 

  • Integration Processes

  • Q + A - Share 

  • Self Practice 

Session Seven 

Pleasure Alchemy 

  • Meditation 

  • Embodied Movement exploring the textures and expressions of feminine pleasure energy 

  • Exploring contractions, closures, stories and habits wrapped around the full expression of your feminine pleasure energy 

  • Embodied Pleasure Expression 

  • Integration Processes

  • Q + A - Share 

  • Self Practice 


Session Eight 

Embodied Feminine 

  • Meditation 

  • Embodied Movement exploring the full range of the feminine 

  • Exploring what is alive in your body in each moment and bringing it forward through expression 

  • Embodied Expression 

  • Q + A - Share 

  • Closing 

Shamanic Journeying Inspired by Shamanic Journeying + 9 Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship with The Institute Of Feminine Arts

As we Journey into the vast depths of Feminine Energy we alchemise and awaken age old hurts, pains and blocks that have lived within the body temple 


This process supports us to access, reflect, integrate and let go of lives experiences, awakening a deep healing and empowerment that we have journeyed through the challenges life brought to us with feminine grace, this is the pathway of Embodied Feminine 


As we transform we weave a sacred space within where we heal from our deepest hurts and bloom

from a dark vast space back out into the world.


The journey is a space and container of co-creation, guided by divine inspiration

Feminine Alchemy

Individual Healing

8 Week Journey Investment 


Sessions are 90 minutes 

Calls held via zoom

Meditations + Practices to support will be

sent through the journey

Sessions are Non refundable

& Non Transferable

- Full T&C Sent Upon Booking