Divine Re-Union Online Course 

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This is the unified energy of 

The Creator and The Creation 


The Feminine 

The Masculine 


Love in Divine 


As we Reawaken our Heart Womb River 

We awaken a circuit of giving and receiving within 


A balancing of our inner Masculine & Feminine 

To become our own father & mother 

To live & love from fullness 


When we take a journey of releasing & healing both our masculine & feminine wounds within ourselves we balance our energy & we are able to come back to a place of divine union within


Until we take this journey of inner healing & harmony we will continually draw into our lives people, places, experiences that trigger the very wounds we are carrying...


These are gifts to illuminate where we are not in Union Within and what is asking to be witnessed and healed by rising up into our experience of life.


Welcoming you on this journey back to Wholeness

Divine Re-Union Course Investment 


Divine Re-Union Online Course Offers you

- Healing Masculine wounds

- Healing Feminine Wounds

-Healing Father wounds

-Healing mother wounds

- Healing Shadow aspects of Lunar Energy

- Healing Shadow aspects of Solar Energy

- Gestation Imprint Healing

- Cycle tracking

- Working with Masculine & Feminine aspects of your cycle

- Balancing Masculine & Feminine aspects of your cycles

- Welcome Meditation

- Pelvis Presencing Practices

- Womb Centring Practices

- Womb Medicine Wheel Meditation

- Heart Womb Connection 

- Solar & Lunar Breathing

- Journaling Practices 

- Enquiry & Self Reflection

- Creating Sacred Space