Conscious Conception

Group Online Journey

Conscious Conception Journey offers you a space to clear and release outdated fears and anxieties around Conception and Birth 


This journey opens and awakens your heart and womb space ready to connect to the spirit of your baby.



This journey has bee created for you to 

  • Connect to your womb space 

  • Awaken the fertile grounds within your womb 

  • Awaken your heart 

  • Clear fears 

  • Clear blockages 

  • Open a connection between your heart and womb

  • Clear imprints and limiting beliefs 

  • Open a channel of communication between you and your baby 

  • Awaken to the power of sacred pregnancy



This creates a clear womb container to support Conscious Conception and Sacred Pregnancies & Birth. 


Conscious conception is the practice of connecting to the spirit that wishes to make its way to this earth, choosing their mother.


This is Conscious Creation in its Manifest 

The ideal environment for a spirit to enter into would be a love filled, healed and awakened womb space. 

A womb space ready to create and hold life. 

Conscious conception supports women on a journey to heal and awaken their womb space, to reclaim their creative power and feel safe and confident to conceive and birth their baby.

Dear Rebecca

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful space yesterday evening in the circle. It was simply incredibly touching. I saw my little daughter and I felt how I could not get out of the radiance, I always had a big smile in my face and just felt pure joy and love. The little girl held my hand and also came with me into my womb. I am so full with trust and connection and I feel, that she will not be waiting so long to arrive.

You are doing a wonderful work Rebecca, thank you!


"Rebecca's conscious conception circle was everything I wanted and more! Being able to connect with my baby girl in spirit was a truly magical and joyous experience. I have felt her close to me ever since. Being able to consciously connect with your child before they are born is a profound and life changing experience. Imagine what the world be like if all babies were brought in this way! 
All of Rebecca's work is both powerful and gentle. I feel so safe and lovingly held working with her. Her presence truly allows me to let go and experience whatever is needed for me. Her work is all about bringing us back to our own power and our own centre, for which I am very grateful"


Conscious Conception Online Course 



Session One 

Welcome Call 

Grounding Meditation 



Session Two 

Heart Womb Connection 

Womb Balancing  

Womb Cleansing 

Earth Womb Connection

Journal Questions + Self Reflections 

Breast Massage to Open Heart 




Session Three 

Conception + Birth as a Sexual Experience 

Sexual Gateways 

Gateway One 

Gateway Two 

Gateway Three 

Journal Questions + Self Reflections

Yoni Steaming Ritual 




Session Four 

The Conception Journey 

Conscious Conception + Birthing


Identifying Limiting Beliefs 

Journal Questions + Self Reflections

Spirit Baby Connection 



Session Five 

Conscious Conception, Gestation + Birth 

Conception Practices

Gestation Practices 

Birth Practices 

Conception + Birth Imprints

Journal Questions + Self Reflections

Releasing Fear Ritual 

Womb Meditation 

Rainbow Bridge Meditation


Session Six 

The Conception Cradle 

Energetically of Conception 

Kundalini Energy 


Journal Questions + Self Reflections

Calling to Spirit Baby 

Conception Cradle Journey 

Mother + Baby Conversations

Womb + Baby Art 




Additional Practices >


Journeying into the Womb 

Birthing Journal Questions + Self Reflections




Birthing Module >


Labour + Life

Birth as a Healing Experience 

Healing Personal Birth Trauma

The Birthing Space

Birth Energy 

Baby’s Birth 

The Conception Journey + Original Blueprint 

Conscious Conception Group Journey

Groups will be Maximum 8 women to support an intimate experience

Journey Investment £555 pp

Payments are Non Refundable

Additional at home Conscious Conception healing course with meditations, journeys and practices to connect to your heart, womb and the  the spirit of your baby.

Autumn 2020 Dates

 Call One - 3rd November

Call Two - 10th November

Call Three - 17th November

Integration Week - 24th November

Call Four - 1st December

Call Five - 8th December

Call Six - 15th December