Closing The Bones Ceremony 

Closing The Bones is an ancient ceremony held for a post birth mother to nurture and support her through the rite of passage of motherhood and birth. The ceremony is a celebration of her journey through birthing her baby and an honouring of her body, spirit and the initiation she has been taken through.

Closing the Bones is a tradition from Ecuador, where the postpartum mother is blessed, anointed, massaged and wrapped. There is a calling of her spirit back to herself as she has been a portal for carrying new life – as a birthing woman she has stood before the birth altar and and has walked the threshold between worlds. A transformation has begun as the mother embraces new aspects of herself through this rite of passage into new stages of motherhood. The intention is to provide a space as a nurturing and supportive environment in which healing can take place on these many levels.

Closing the Bones was traditionally offered to women as soon as 6 hours post birth as a ritual to close her physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. This however is not always available for women during the post birth hours so can be taken at any time that serves each women best. Traditionally taken as a ceremony up to 6 times during the first 40 days - the fourth trimester.

Closing The Bones can also be taken as a healing ceremony for women at any stage of their journey through motherhood - one, two or even ten years later.

Women who have experienced miscarriage, still birth, terminations, death of a child also benefit from this healing ceremony.

Women experience a sense of "Coming Home" to their centre, an "Arriving".

after many years of feeling lost, out of balance, leaking energy and drained from over giving of life force this ceremony supports a women to be held and nourished to find a deep space of peace within.  

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Closing The Bones Ceremony

Session Investment 

Sessions last around 120- minutes 


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Sessions are Non refundable & Non Transferable

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Closing The Bones Ceremony Supports


  • Pelvic pain & Pelvic alignment 

  • PMS

  • Post Birth Recovery

  • Womb Cramping & Cycle Pain

  • Sacrum Alignment

  • Womb Trauma

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Lack of Sexual Energy

  • Loss of Centre and self

  • Overgiving energy and feeling drained

  • Leaky Energy & lack of Boundaries

  • Low back pain

  • Birth Trauma

  • Miscarriage Trauma

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety


Closing The Bones Supports women who 

At an emotional level feel a sense of isolation & sadness, disconnection, trauma, heartache and a sense of loss.  


At an energetic/spiritual level feel a disconnection to their womb as her centre and the place of her creativity, connection to the earth and to our ancestral lineage. 

The womb, pelvic bowl and hips hold our wounds, our sexual experiences and often becomes the storage centre of our deepest fears and shame. 


She is often the place we keep any experiences we don’t want to see or feel. 

Closing the Bones Ceremony is a multi faceted healing ceremony rooted in ancient tradition that addresses the physical position of the organs as well as the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of women’s health.

Supporting women back into Re Connection through earth centred healing. 

This ceremony focuses on the breath and womb, with traditional rebozo (traditional cloth) massage practices, abdomen and womb massage and healing energy. 


Massaging through the abdomen to gently support the womb back into her optimal position. 


Womb Massage and Rebozo techniques support women suffering from any symptoms associated with their menstrual cycle and digestive health, it is also indicated for fertility issues, traumas and is a great support for fertility treatments, and postpartum & post miscarriage / abortion.


Women of all ages and in all stages of life

benefit from Closing The Bones Ceremony.