October 31, 2018

Where has the Wild Woman been hiding?

It is a rare experience to witness a woman fully connected to her wildness, unapologetic for her fullness, raw and full of power... when you do witness this You WILL know!

She is all womban, connected fully to the ancient wisdom in t...

October 7, 2018

Honouring the inner seasons.... this has become an integral part of my practice in life, to become so deeply in tune with nature and her cyclical ways, to learn from her ability to change form, to alter, to adapt and to let go. Her willingness to surrender, to fully em...

September 26, 2018

Womb Massage

Self womb massage is a self care practice to support your womb through all stages of menstrual cycle, fertility, menstrual health and beyond into menopausal years.

It is recommended for use in all women especially if you have any menstrual health issues, men...