Birthing Mother 

The natural instinctive way of birthing allows the mother to surrender to the bliss of birth as powerful energies, new awareness and sensations surge through her, transforming her to the core of her being. The ecstatic energy allows her to deeply bond with her child. There is a dedication that is necessary to prepare for such a conscious birth by meeting the physical and emotional patterns that inhibit the free flow of energy.”

Women give birth in accordance to their underlying beliefs around what it means for them to be a woman

The patterns they live in and how they relate to themselves, their feminine energy and their relationships sets the blueprint for how they will meet the process of birth and manifest in the birthing space.

Gestation & Birthing Support 

During your journey of conception, gestation and birthing it is vital you are aware of the energy surrounding you.

Conception Gestation & Birth are a Reflective Mirror of your internal landscape and your life itself

(which is created from your internal reality) 


Any underlying or unresolved issues that are living unspoken within your life or relationships WILL show up within your conception & birth journey.


Birthing Mother Online Journey has been created to support pregnant women to release and heal blocks, fears, pains, trauma's and imprints they are carrying within their bodies and energy before they arrive into the birthing space and welcome the arrival of their baby.

Birthing Mother Online Journey offers you a space to drop into your womb centre to clear away any energetic blocks, limitations, fears and false belief imprints you have been carrying around your Birthing potential.


Birthing Mother Journey

Option One - Online + Personal Support

SIX Birthing Mother sessions via Zoom 

Session Time 90 Minutes

Additional at home Birthing Mother healing course with meditations, journeys and practices to connect to your heart, womb and baby.

Investment £1100

Option Two - Online + Personal Support

THREE Birthing Mother sessions via Zoom 

Session Time 90 Minutes

Additional at home Birthing Mother healing course with meditations, journeys and practices to connect to your heart, womb and baby.

Investment £600

Payments are Non Refundable & Non Transferable