Awakening Feminine Individual Mentorship

Awakening Feminine Individual Mentorship 



As we take a journey to Awaken the ancient Feminine Wisdom Within we awaken the inner light of creation 


This light may have been shut down, dimmed or not allowed - all actions of fear of shining bright in the world. 


Rooted in a deep fear of being seen.


When we awaken Feminine Wisdom we awaken light energy within our body temple, we awaken to deeper levels of intimacy and open up to allow ourselves to be fully seen in our full shining light


This allows you step into your Embodied wisdom and power. 

supporting you to share your gifts, healing, voice and unique medicine with the world


The powerful wisdom of your life experiences are your souls reason for being here


This requires courage, trust and a clear connection to your womb space.


To stand fully rooted Heart Womb and share your visions and creations with the world.


Knowing that the Earth needs your beauty, wisdom and light to shine in your fullness 


Awakening Feminine sessions Offer you a Safe and sacred space that we are able to explore any energetic and emotional imprints that may be manifesting in the Womb Space 

The space created offers you a safe container drop into your body and out of your mind to fully inhabit yourself in a truly embodied way, This supports a letting go and releasing to clear any energetic, emotional and physical blocks holding you back or locked into patterns of behaviour. 

This awakens the power of your womb space as your centre of creation and wisdom  so you are better able to live from a fully embodied, centred and grounded space.

This offers you the space to reconnect, reinhabit & reclaim your heart, body and womb.

Womb Connection Healing & Awakening offerings are a Multifaceted Experience that bring a unique Alchemy of healing modalities, energy transmissions, integration practices and sound.

All guided with a slow, gentle and tenderly loving energy, as we Journey together the awakening of your own unique womb healing journey

A REMEMBERING of all the wisdom that lives within you 


As we Journey into the vast depths of our womb space we are able to let go of all past hurts and pains... we allow these old emotions to wash though us down into the earth. 


This process supports us to access, reflect, integrate and let go of lives experiences, awakening a deep healing and empowerment that we have journeyed through the challenges life brought to us with feminine grace, this is the pathway of embodied Feminine healing. 


As we transform we weave a sacred space within our Wombs where we heal from our deepest hurts and bloom from the dark vast space of the womb back out into the world.


Awakening Feminine Individual Mentorship has been created for you to drop into the fertile depths of your womb space to awaken the wisdom and gifts living within you.

The journey is a space and container of co-creation, guided by divine inspiration.


This journey will support you to seed your inspirations firming in the soil of your womb, to gestate and mother your creations and to birth them into the world from your heart womb.



Rebecca Wilson facilitates Shamanic Womb Healing & Rites Blessings. She is the Founder of Womb Connection- Healing- Awakening, which has been birthed from her personal journey of Womb Awakening.

Rebecca is a Womb Keeper, Womb Healer, Wise Womban, Spirit Baby & Birth Doula.


She holds a powerful Earth filled Medicine which naturally infuse all her work and offerings, she is deeply connected to nature and finds her inspiration within the elements Rebecca is a channel for the sacred energies of Divine Mother Frequency, connecting heaven on earth through the new earth templates and earth line grids she holds a healing transmission for the birth of the New Earth.



Her passion is to lovingly hold a space for participants to express themselves fully and creatively. By allowing them to feel comfortable and safe when dipping their toes in vulnerability, Rebecca encourages self expression through embodiment healing which provides a space for each individual to explore and awaken deep energies throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual body.


Rebecca encourages each individual to take their own journey through her offerings, creating a space to tune into your own intuition and inner wisdom.

Rebecca has been truly an amazing support and guide to me through my healing. The journey i've been through over the past 2 months has been incredible. So much healing of my masculine and feminine, so much growth, so much insight, and i feel it's just the beginning of a remarkable journey for me. 


She knows exactly how to hold a safe space, to go deep, to be vulnerable and to heal. Thank you so much for your love, guidance and support. I look forward to working with you again sister 


The mentoring Journey was an initiation, a rite of passage, for me and my life is now changed forever because I could meet myself and the darkest places within me with love. Thank you for leading me there safely, and for always being caring and loving with me during the whole process. 


You always took on your time to talk with me, encouraging me, loving me even when I was not for myself. You're a true friend, and I feel deeply grateful for everything you teach me by simply LOVE <3 


So thank you. <3 

Awakening Feminine Individual Mentorship

Three Month Container Investment 


Six Month Container Investment 



Sessions are 90 minutes 

Calls held via zoom

Meditations + Practices to support will be

sent through the journey

Sessions are Non refundable

& Non Transferable

- Full T&C Sent Upon Booking