Awakening Feminine Gateways

Online Immersion

Voice Heart Womb

The World Needs You

To Re-connect To Re- Member To Re-Claim

Your Power, Your Womb Space, Your Inner Wisdom

To come Home into Your Heart Centre

To Share your Gifts with The World

To Heal & Awaken 


AWAKENING Feminine Gateways 

Voice, Heart & Womb 


This is a Sacred journey into awakening your centres of expression, love and power.

Our time together offers you practices to support and awaken the energy connection between your

Voice, Heart and Womb.



The Silenced voice holds the Fear of speaking your truth and the fewar of self expression - Which manifests as a lock in your throat chakra - inhibiting your voice, speech, soul song and how you express relationship to others and the world.


We will take a journey to Receive healing light keys to unlock your throat chakra to regain the power of your Voice.




The Heart carries The Fear of Betrayal and ancient heart aches across many lifelines - which manifests as a lock/ block in your heart chakra which inhibits your ability to love yourself deeply, to attract love into your life and to live with an open heart 

We will Journey Into your heart to receive healing light keys to unlock your heart energy to integrate Self Love & the Energy of the Divine.





The Womb Carries The Shame Wound and fear of your creative power - which manifests as a distorted lock on your womb power and creative life force - shutting down your capacity to fully access your sovereign power, creativity and life force potential.


We will take a healing journey to unlock your womb power,  heal the WOUND OF SHAME and reclaim your sacred feminine power.

Awakening Feminine Gateways Online Immersion has been created for You -

The Awakening Woman

with the knowing that when a woman is connected to the wisdom within her body temple she is a powerful force in healing not only herself and others but the Great Mother Earth too.

Awakening Feminine Gateways Online Immersion offers a space for women who feel disconnected from their bodies, Womb space, Heart & Voice to come back into re-connection. 

During our time together we will Journey into the sacred space of our voice, heart & womb connection, activate and awaken these centres of feminine energy, to a fuller experience of Love.

Additional Practices 


* Womb Connection Journey 

A 7 day womb meditation journey 


* Heart Womb Awakening Practices

Yoni Steam ~ Breast Massage ~

Womb Massage 

* Sacrum Healing Journey 

* Grounding Meditations 

We will join weekly for one moon cycle

online via Zoom. 

Each weeks call will offer space for connection, sharing and guidance for your unfolding journey. 

I'd been to a few of Rebecca's Embodied Feminine gatherings in Manchester and was called to go deeper into a 1 2 1 session with her. I'm extremely blessed to live in the same town as Rebecca and got to experience her wisdom face to face, but it is so powerful I would work with her from anywhere in the world if I had to. From the first moment I knew I had made the right choice, her warm powerful presence makes you instantly relax, any misgivings fade away as you realise you're safe, held and can truly go deep into healing in her presence. Her knowledge, wisdom, intuition and understanding of my wounds, shadow, light and past traumas were astounding. The healing session was everything I needed at that time. Any woman who feels called to work in this way with Rebecca should, her work is truly transformative, sacred and necessary, we need women coming into alignment with their power more than ever. the work that Rebecca is cutting through patterns and bringing us into deep connection, power, healing and restoration. For ourselves and for the planet.

Thank you again Sister

Individual Healing Journey Investment £444

Payments are Non Refundable & Non Transferable

Healing Journey provides you the Awakening Feminine Gateways Online Immersion Course to continue to explore after our journey together.

Your Facilitator

Rebecca Wilson facilitates Shamanic Womb Healing & Rites Blessings, Womb Connection- Healing- Awakening, Womb Yoga & Embodied Movement and is a Women's Wellness coach.

She holds a powerful Earth filled Medicine within her shamanic healing practices, which naturally infuse all her work and offerings, she is deeply connected to nature and finds her inspiration within the changing of seasons, elements and weaves all these sacred energies into her studies, offerings and teachings. 

Rebecca is a Womb Keeper, Shamanic Healer, Wise Womban, Creator and sacred Womb Manifesting teacher.


Rebecca believes in fully embodying her work by using these practices to live a balanced life deeply rooted in self care. 

Rebecca Holds events, workshops and retreats across Europe.


Her passion is to lovingly hold a space for participants to express themselves fully and creatively. By allowing them to feel comfortable and safe when dipping their toes in vulnerability, Rebecca encourages self expression through various styles of yoga, movement, tantra and breath work providing a space for each individual to explore and awaken deep energies throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual body. One of her most important values is the essence of healing.


Rebecca encourages each individual to take their own journey through her offerings, creating a space to tune into your own intuition and inner guidance.